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We need your help

The Quit Smokeless Organization is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity. We keep our costs as low as possible in order to ensure that all the money donated is returned to the organization for the benefit of it's members. None of the money collected is paid to our staff; they are all 100% volunteer.

How can you help?

It's simple really; just make a donation today. If every member would donate just $5.00 a year, that would be enough to keep the site running for the entire year. A $10.00 donation would help us continue our work of creating educational materials for schools to use in their anti-tobacco education classes.

I thought you only ran a forum

The Quit Smokeless Organization is more that just an online forum. Over the past few years, we have partnered with many Federal, State and local organizations to help provide educational materials, literature, pamplets and posters all targeted towards the dangers of smokeless tobacco and providing help to those trying to quit.

Donate Today

Donating is easier than ever before. We offer two ways to donate:


Use the PayPal link to donate.


Mail your tax deductible donation to:

Quit Smokeless Organization
P.O. Box 288
Rowlett, Texas

Thanks for supporting!